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Blandford Forum is one of England’s most attractive and unspoilt towns, with its buildings portraying many architectural delights. Today, besides The Brewery in Blandford, it is still on its many shops and small businesses that the prosperity of Blandford and the future of its historic buildings depends.

It is clear to see how much the shops and businesses have expanded over the years, putting Blandford firmly on the map and making the town an interesting and enjoyable day out for all of the family.

Blandford Forum has a history that goes back to Anglo-Saxon times. Its name derives from Blaen-y-ford, meaning ‘the place near the ford’. By the 13th century it had become an important market town with a bridge over the River Stour.

Shopping is a must in Blandford if you are looking for something a little unusual. Refreshment stops are always needed when you are going on any visit. Whether it’s eating, drinking or a place to stay, Blandford caters for young and old alike.

This thriving Georgian market town has plenty to offer, and is well worth a visit!

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