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The end of the last century, together with the dawning of a new millennium, brought with it not only the passage of time, but also new and exciting 21st century challenges. As a historic market town, Sherborne is meeting them head on and constantly re-evaluates and adjusts to present day trends and requirements in order to remain attractive and competitive.

Whilst Sherborne’s past is evident in its historical buildings, castles and abbey, the present flows through the heart of the town as blood through veins, ensuring a healthy future for all. Renowned throughout the world for its public schools and international college, Sherborne is one of the few market towns that provides a youthful, vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Sherborne’s secret and strength lies not only in its successful ability to mix both past and present, but to be alive to modern-day needs and trends. The 21st century is increasingly an age within which life is becoming more and more stressful, autonomised, mass produced and sterile. So what an oasis in the desert to find that a place like Sherborne still exists.

Plus the sheer luxury of being able to park cheaply and instantly upon arrival in the town, or to arrive by train on the London Waterloo line - and you begin to see why many people say: ‘I can’t understand why I’ve never been here before.’

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