Shaftesbury - Dorset Towns & Villages

The delightfully rural North Dorset town of Shaftesbury offers visitors breathtaking views and the warmest of welcomes.

The 1970s’ Hovis Bread advert featuring Gold Hill is often the only knowledge of Shaftesbury that many people have.

Shaftesbury has everything - History, High Street and Hostelries. Try the Abbey Museum and learn about the lives of the nuns who lived in the town in the first millennium. The Abbey has a wonderful audio facility that brings Shaftesbury’s early inhabitants to life. Try the Town Trail, and spend about an hour walking round the town learning about its secret side. Add to this the Town Museum, and The Arts Centre with its theatre and gallery, and you will soon start to get the flavour of the town. Done with history? Then stop off at one of our many eating places. But don’t forget to visit Gold Hill!

The High Street of this traditional market town has some of the best shopping in the county, including Market Day, held on Thursdays. Ample car parking is available.

Shaftesbury may be famous for its hill, but you’ll find the town has much more to offer.

Shaftesbury Forum

A place to have your say on the area.