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Famous for its heritage, Christchurch takes its name from the magnificent 11th century Priory Church dominating the town. Surrounded by water on three sides, it was originally known as Christ’s Church and houses the Miraculous Beam.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Christchurch became very active in smuggling, with landings being made frequently during daylight hours. During World War II, Christchurch airfield was the base for the USAF Thunderbolt Squadron.

A visit to Christchurch would not be complete without a look around the Priory. The Priory is renowned for its musical tradition, and hosts an evening concert series plus popular lunchtime recitals. As well as local talented groups and choral societies, the concert series also attracts musicians from further afield. Central to the music is the fine pipe organ which, after 25 years of silence, was rebuilt in 1999 with the aid of a grant from the Capital Lottery Fund through the Arts Council of England.

So here you have a town steeped in history, but which has at the same time successful businesses keeping the good name of Christchurch to the fore. If you’ve not been there, do yourself a favour and do so, but allow at least a day to explore it properly.

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