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Bournemouth has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and it’s not difficult to see why more and more people are choosing Bournemouth as their home, their holiday destination, or their business HQ.

A revamped, multi-award-winning square, lined with palm trees (albeit hardy ones!) and a designated events area, links Bournemouth’s impressive shopping zones with renowned ‘Green Flag’ gardens leading elegantly down to seven miles of famous ‘Blue Flag’ sandy beaches. Fantastic!

The presence of Bournemouth University and the significance of Bournemouth as an internationally-acclaimed centre of excellence for foreign students to study English adds a youth and vibrancy to the town, with thousands of young people flocking here to learn and play.

But that doesn’t mean that Bournemouth has abandoned its traditional visitor market - families. Far from it, in fact Bournemouth continues to lead the field in being a family-friendly resort.

Of course, local people can enjoy these facilities too - and they do. Bournemouth residents and day visitors from all over the county are drawn to the town year-round, making the most of the enviable mix of fabulous shopping, safe, clean and beautiful beaches, and glorious gardens - which all make for a cosmopolitan town with something for everyone.

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