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Chickerell Decoy
« on: June 05, 2012, 05:01:10 PM »
I read with some interest in this month?s contact magazine about the chickerell decoy "portland experiment" at Chickerell hive point. For those that haven't read it during the second world war land at chickerell hive point was set up to look very similar to the naval port at portland. It was hoped that bombers would mistake chickerell decoy for the real thing and not hit the important port of Portland including the oil supplies. By all accounts it was quite successful although some bombs hit the top of crook hill and Australia road. When word was received of an approaching air raid the guards stationed in an underground bunker would light the decoy to give the impression it was the real deal.

I would love to find out more information and if anyone had photos or recalls the decoy I would love to hear from them. Some of the huts on Chesil bank are left over from the decoy. I imagine the bunker is probably there to. I know of a few down in that area so it's good to know what they were used for.